Yes, we are actual people working here.

The techs at Armor Technologies come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, giving us the skills and experience needed to get the job done. We are a group of electronic technicians, engineers, systems administrators, web and graphic designers, social media managers, and programmers ready to bring you the best service possible. 

Meet some of the people at Armor:

David Galica

David Galica


Biography: David grew up in Harvey, Illinois, taking a wide array of art classes and dismantling unattended electronic devices. He attended Northern Illinois University, studying Electrical Engineering and Physics. While at NIU David was an active member of the Robotics Club, Fencing Club, IEEE, ASE, and the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society. It was during his time at NIU that David started a tech repair shop in downtown DeKalb that has grown and expanded over the past 13 years to become Armor Technologies - a business providing repair of computers, cell phones and other general electronics, as well as new computers, servers, internet marketing, web hosting and a wide range of related IT services.

Education: MS in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, NIU

Hobbies: Chess, robotics, traveling, fencing, 3d printing, playing with legos and spending quality time with his sons

Favorite Sci-fi movie(s): Donnie Darko

Miles Eggleston

Miles Eggleston

Senior Mobile Repair Technician

Biography: Miles has lived in the DeKalb and Rochelle area most of his life. He graduated from DeKalb High School and attended ITT Tech. He started working on electronic devices when he was a kid fixing controllers and video game consoles, and he hasn't stopped since!

Education: Attended ITT Tech

Hobbies: Video Games, Fantasy Football

Favorite Sci-fi movie: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back


Michael Ekstrom

Computer Repair Technician

Biography: Michael grew up in Sycamore, Illinois, graduated from Sycamore High School and later attended Kishwaukee College. His passion for computers began at a young age when he liked to watch computers defragment. From those Windows 95 machines all the way to the current Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, Michael likes to fix them all.

Education: Attended Kishwaukee College

Certifications: CompTia A+ Certified CE

Hobbies: Online video games and enjoying the great outdoors

Favorite Sci-fi movie: Children Of Me

Stephen Kennedy

Stephen Kennedy

Armor Developer

Biography: Stephen grew up throughout the Midwest. He attended University of the Ozarks in Clarksville Arkansas, and has been programming ridiculous experiments since a young age. He had the honor of creating The Worst Calculator, which is available for free on Google Play.

Education: Attended Univeristy of The Ozarks

Hobbies: Creating JavaScript powered text adventures and parsers, Video Games, Tabletop Games

Favorite Sci-fi movie: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Adam Hennessy

Adam Hennessy


Biography: Adam was born and raised in Southern California, then he moved to Illinois about 10 years ago to get away from LA traffic and pursue his dream of becoming a voice actor. A father, a Bitcoin visionary, a technologist, a philosopher, a minimalist, an aspiring economist, and a lover of renewable energy and green building. Adam dreams of living in a self-sufficient solar-powered tiny home on wheels with his family of 3 (soon to be four!) plus pets.

Education: Graduate - Illinois Center for Broadcasting

Hobbies: Travel, Economics, Bitcoin and all things crypto. Raspberry Pi tinkerer, Kinect games, video games, and geo-caching. RC airplane crasher and Estes model rocket scientist.

Favorite Sci-fi movie: The Matrix, Donnie Darko, and Star Wars A New Hope.

Jacob McNamara

Jacob McNamara


Biography: Jacob grew up in Rockford, IL, graduated from Boylan Catholic High School and is currently a senior-level undergraduate at Northern Illinois University studying Computer Science with an emphasis in software development. He minors in Business administration and will also have a certificate in mobile application development for iOS and Android upon completion of his undergrad. Jacob plans on staying in school for an additional year to complete his MBA and to help pursuit an executive level position in corporate America. Jacob's experience in healthcare, sales, IT, development, and general business help fuel his drive to keep clients and his team successful.

Education: BA in Computer Science - Software Development Emphasis with a Minor in Business Administration

Hobbies: Fishing, Photoshop, App Development, Reading, Philanthropies

Favorite Sci-fi movie: Star Wars Episode I


Jacob Klein

Computer Technician

Biography: Jacob grew up in the small town of Metamora near Peoria, Illinois. He is a student at Northern Illinois University, studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Mechatronics and Robotics. Jacob serves as the standing Vice President of the NIU Robotics Club. He is working part time at Armor while finishing up his degree. He has been taking electronic devices apart since he was a kid and has not stopped since!

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, NIU (in progress)

Hobbies: Robotics, 3D-Modeling, 3D-Printing, flying his quadcopters and working on his car

Favorite Sci-fi movie: Back To The Future

Ryan Miranda

Ryan Miranda

Certified Web Developer

Biography: Ryan was born and raised in Oregon, Illinois. He built his first gaming computer from parts he bought with a summer job at twelve years old, and has been hooked on the tech world ever since. He's a senior computer science major at NIU with minors in marketing and business administration, and is passionate for frontend development.

Education: BS in Computer Science with Minors in Marketing and Business Adminisration

Hobbies: Online and tabletop gaming, programming, game development

Favorite Sci-fi movie(s): The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson


Biography: Elizabeth comes to the team with 13+ years of experience as a retail and customer service manager. A wife and a mother of two, Elizabeth is working diligently to complete her Associates Degree in Systems and Network Administration at Kishwaukee College and will be graduating this spring. Elizabeth brings a diverse skill set in sales, marketing, leadership, repair and system administration. She loves to spend time with her family and laugh often. Elizabeth also loves Dr. Pepper, M&Mís and when people laugh at her jokes.

Education: Associates in Systems and Network Administration (In Progress)

Hobbies: Comedy, Spending time with her kids, Ferrets and Cats

Favorite Sci-fi movie(s): Alien