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Arrow Ecommerce Website

The Arrow Ecommerce Website is part of the ARROW ERP system. When choosing the right tools to build and maintain your website, you need something that is easy to use and that works for your business. ARROW Enterprise Resource Planning (ARROW ERP) is exactly that—a system to build, manage, and maintain your website that works with your business to provide the optimal experience for visitors and internal work. ARROW is actively developed and tailored to work specifically for your business, if there isn't a system that your business needs to operate, we'll develop, test, and maintain a custom tool for you.

Features and Process

  • Installation and configuration of ARROW Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content Management System (CMS). This system is designed to allow access for the client to change the content of their site and continue a level of SEO work by accessing the titles and meta tags of the website.
  • The website will contain a combination of JavaScript for validation, PHP for server side web development, jQuery for animation and special features. Further development of the Armor CMS can be performed by any web development company with a PHP programmer.
  • Unique, Custom, Mobile Ready, Graphic design that is applied to the profile of the website.
  • 10 website page layouts with content and pictures supplied by the client. A website page consists of 2000 characters and 2 pictures.
  • 1 custom contact form consisting of a website page layout of contact information and a form of 6 fields designed to email the information to the recipient email address of the website.
  • Search Engine Optimization of content on your website and linking the information through a complete Google, Yahoo and Bing profile. This also includes a list of additional SEO validation id tags.
  • Free Business Class Web hosting that includes one domain name, up to 20 email addresses, and unlimited space for the website. The hosting, supplied by Armor, features a complete control system allowing support of the website's email, statistics, security, databases, special applications, and more.
  • Initial 20 Categories entered and configured.
  • Initial 20 Products entered and configured.
  • 2 Shipping APIs and 2 Payment APIs configured.
  • The website also comes with a blog, gallery, knowledge base, FAQ, tips, pages manager, banner, advertising, restaurant or service menu, message and moderation, form builder, and reporting system.


  • $200 Monthly Support Fee for 2 hour of service for updates and PCI Complience
  • Phone, Email, and Remote service support for any questions and updates
  • Automated website health reports and continued indexing of site for Google and Bing