Nikola Tesla first envisioned a wireless power transmission system in the early 1890s; he even attempted to build an experimental station, Wardenclyffe Tower, which he hoped would be the first in a worldwide wireless system. Today, phones, smartwatches, and other devices sometimes come with inductive charging coils, which let them charge wirelessly through resonant inductive coupling. But this method relies on direct contact between the device and a charging pad—hardly ...
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It all started on July 20, 1969, when Apollo 11 landed. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin left a mirror on the Moon’s surface 49 years ago. This mirror was placed so that astronomers could fire lasers at the moon to calculate its distance from the Earth. A pulse is sent and scientists record the following data: the duration of the initial beam, the velocity of the light, the duration of the flash on the mirror, the energy collected back, the wavelength ...
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Happy September everyone. The internet is still a vast hellscape of people who want to steal from you. So, business as usual.

This month's topic is email, and all the ways it can be used to steal from you or damage you or your company's reputation. With our topic, let's look at one potential attack vector: phishing. Phishing is pretty common these days, but if you're not familiar, we have a couple of blogs explaining the concept in a little more detail. But let's assume yo...
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The (Sad) State of Internet Security

The Armor Techs' blog is full of posts discussing security and passwords, and this post is going to be in much of the same vein. The security of your data on the web is becoming (read: has always been) super important, and the companies we rely on to use our data fairly and transparently aren't upholding their end of the bargain. On top of that, there are countless people and companies participating in less-than-legal practices to obtain your data,...
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Optimizing Your Google Chrome Experience

The internet has become one of the biggest tools we use in our everyday lives, and what browser we use is how we experience everything the web has to offer. Google Chrome is one of the biggest and best browsers out now but like every other browser, it does have its issues. Here are a couple of extensions or plugins to help make your experience using Chrome even better. Also, above the description for these extensions is a link to download these from ...
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The main idea I want to discuss in this post is what to do when your device is compromised. If you have been hacked or a virus has been found on your computer, make a list of all the recent passwords to accounts you may have used. Remove your computer or phone from any internet or data connection. Change any of those passwords to your accounts on a clean system for safety and security. Get your computer and phone fixed and follow safe internet practices.

1.  Ransom Message

There are t...
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Welcome to Donkey Kong Country

I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that this post is going to be foreign to anybody—with a series that's been around since 1994, most people reading this blog have had it around for a good chunk of their lives, and it's been everywhere. From the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) all the way to the Nintendo Switch, this series has been continually having us explore new worlds, find new secrets, and meeting new characters. And besides...
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What companies come to mind when you hear about autonomous robots? Tesla? Google? Well, there's another company coming out with some pretty fantastic tech in that area: Rolls-Royce. They have teamed up with Harvard University to develop robots modeled after cockroaches for repair. What use would a cockroach-sized robot have for an automotive manufacturer, you may ask? They are planning on using them for engine repair in airplanes, but that could just be the start of it.

People have be...
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A basic diagram of what Phishing boils down to.

What is it?

Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is the process of "fishing" for more information about a person, often by posing as a source they would have no qualms about giving it to. Since the inception of the consumer, internet phishing has gone hand in hand with it. And as the internet has advanced, so too has the complexity of these scams. It is not uncommon these days to get extremely convincing emails from these con-a...
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A Quick Change Of Format

We've been watching the statistics on these security blog posts, and they are among our least read content, so we're going to mess with the content a little. Instead of taking more of a marketing/newsletter angle with it, let's get nitty gritty with some things we at Armor have actually encountered in the wild.

Today's topic is:

How Did They Get Into My Website,
And What Did They Do?

Did you know that you can put a PHP shell inside a JPEG fil...
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