At this point in 2018, we've all heard of the blockchain. We've seen companies hopping on what some are calling a trend, from Long Island Iced Tea Corp changing its name to Long Blockchain Corp and even Kodak adopting blockchain technology. But the question on most of our minds (besides, how we can retire by following this same trend in blockchain—or why exactly I'm talking about blockchain at this point in the year) is, "What exactly is blockchain?" This question bec...
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Is it really a Dark Web?

Well, first of all, not really. It's been called many things, the dark web, the private web, the anonymous web, the Tor network, the onion network, they all are the same thing. And while some of the names like The Dark Web have connotations of nefarious doings and black markets best left to summer blockbuster movies, the concept itself was created for the benefit of the users.

As a whole, our society wasn't exactly ready for what a global network like the i...
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Everyone using a PC nowadays knows how important it is to have some sort of antivirus installed. The question usually comes up, but which one should I install? Should I pay for antivirus software? Do I need to install more than one? Well, we hope to answer some of those questions here and also give you a couple of options on what we recommend to install. Those being Avira, Avast, and Bitdefender.


Avira is one of the top free antivirus software out now. It has ...
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What Is the Difference between Text, Font, and Typeface?

Typefaces are important to designers because they can make or break a design. When creating a design, you have to be aware of who your target audience is and what you are designing for. If I am designing a sports car logo, then I’ll use a sans-serif typeface, not a bubbly one. One of the major problems, when talking about type, is when people mix up the terms text, font, and typefaces. These three little words have very different ...
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Illinois, May 2018

Let's set the scene. I have just dropped my fiance off at the airport early in the morning and won't see her again for three months. I get home after the drive to O'Hare, and I pull up my laptop to start off my weekend with a game or maybe just some social media and I see it:

"Working on updates. Don't turn off your computer, this will take a while."

To the message's credit, it wasn't wrong. It did take a while. It sat like that f...
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It's 2018: Businesses Are Online

It's 2018, and that means that businesses have been on the internet for over two decades at this point. Whether you sell products online, or you simply have a website meant to funnel visitors to your contact form, your business probably has an online presence. Being online isn't quite a free service, however, and that means that your online presence should be adding to your bottom line. Strangers become visitors to your site, which (hopefully) ...
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Dawn of the Killer Robots

Terminator, Aliens, The Matrix: these are just a few of the movies that come to mind when thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) gone awry. There's always a stage where humankind has reached a point where the autonomy of the machines they created realize they are getting the short end of the stick. Another common trope is when the robots realize the humans are not efficient and full of problems. Somebody always warns humanity about its folly, but they ar...
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The Benefits of Local Hosting

I'll have been with Armor for two years come October, and I've been our Server Admin for a year and a half at this point. In that time, I've dealt with clients hosted everywhere from Arizona to Germany, and I can tell you that, without a doubt, nothing compares to being able to walk downtown and talk to your hosting company; nothing compares to being able to walk upstairs and log into the server terminal and poke around, even if the SSH server isn'...
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The History of Web Layouts

Web design and development has evolved a lot in the last thirty years. We started in the mid-1990s with table-based layouts, spacer gifs, and desktop-only design (nobody had smartphones or mobile data). Moving forward, we started to see Flash-based websites, which were (and still are, but you shouldn't be using Flash, so no worries, right?) super vulnerable to exploits. These websites were capable of a TON of things that standard HTML just wasn't capable of ...
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Nikola Tesla first envisioned a wireless power transmission system in the early 1890s; he even attempted to build an experimental station, Wardenclyffe Tower, which he hoped would be the first in a worldwide wireless system. Today, phones, smartwatches, and other devices sometimes come with inductive charging coils, which let them charge wirelessly through resonant inductive coupling. But this method relies on direct contact between the device and a charging pad—hardly ...
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