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How We Approach Website Optimization

This blog post is more of an explanation for our clients, and anyone interested in what we mean when we say we are optimizing a website, than one of our more traditional posts. This post is about how we achieve some of what we do, but more ...
Friday April 12th, 2019

Arrow Over Wordpress: A Year Plus Later

Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog post about why you might to choose our in-house CMS Arrow over the more well-known option WordPress. A lot has changed in that time, both for Arrow and WordPress. A Difference in Design and Goals...
Monday March 25th, 2019

A Belated Introduction To Stephen Kennedy

One of the things we've always tried to push here at Armor is that when you work with us, you're not just working with some outsourced stranger from another country, but you're working with a passionate individual with a depth o...
Monday December 31st, 2018

Why Not Build It Yourself?

Our owner was working with a client recently trying to collect on an invoice that had stretched too far, when the client responded with a rather interesting justifcation: "Well, I just don't understand what I pay you for? I was tal...
Tuesday August 7th, 2018

A Practical Guide to Arrays

I've long held that good code is like poetry (and I'm far from the only one). Everything should have a purpose, and if you ever repeat yourself, there should be a good reason. With various high-level coding languages, you can enable...
Sunday February 18th, 2018