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6 Reasons to Buy a Custom PC from Armor

Welcome to Armor's Custom Computer Lab Who doesn't want a product custom made for them? Of course, the problem with custom products is that they cost more upfront. However, the benefit of custom products is that they tend to last lo...
Monday November 18th, 2019

Square Financing: Upgrade Your PC Today

Square Financing Is Now Available at Armor Is your computer in need of some TLC, but you don't have a few hundred dollars lying around? Well, now upgrading has never been easier. Simply apply at the shop or from the comfort of your home...
Monday October 28th, 2019

Love Yourself and Love Your PC: 5 Steps to Prolonging the Life of Your Machine

Introduction Computers, unlike a lot of technology in our lives, should have regular maintenance done to keep the machine running in tip-top shape. Between too much data on your storage device, malware and viruses, and even the dust buildin...
Thursday July 5th, 2018

PC Gaming: Custom Builds to Get You Started

Custom desktop PCs are something people seem to be very interested in but are intimidated by—between cost and the plethora of parts available, building a custom PC can be a headache, especially when keeping future upgrades i...
Friday April 20th, 2018

Epic Games Epic Game: Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games: The Beginning Epic Games has been around since the early '90s, where they started as Potomac Computer Systems. After publishing his first game ZZT, the CEO Tim Sweeney changed the name of the company to Epic MegaGames, and t...
Wednesday April 11th, 2018