Let us take care of your I.T. problems!

General Shop Repair (PC or MAC)
Virus / Root Kit Removal
Operating System Install
Standard Data Back Up (for the first 60GB)
$60.00 + $10 for each 20GB extra
System Optimization and Clean Up
Hard Drive Install (w/ operating system and 60GB data backup)
$185.00 + cost of hard drive
Laptop LCD / LCD Data Cable Replacement
$80.00 + cost of part
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
$45.00 + cost of part
Laptop DC Jack Repair
$100.00 + cost of part
Laptop USB Jack Repair
$100.00 + cost of part
Memory Upgrade
$15.00 + cost of part
Blue Ray / DVD / CD Optical Drive Installation
$35.00 + cost of part
Laptop Motherboard Installation
$100.00 + cost of part
Video Card Installation
$45.00 + cost of part
Power Supply Installation
$45.00 + cost of part
Onsite Service for Home or Business
$120.00 /hr + travel time


How we finish projects fast at a more than fair rate.

  • Computer systems are repaired at a rate of $70.00 per hour if the repair does not have an existing flat rate. 
  • This applies but is not limited to all fixed storage devices, peripherals, disk drives, and other such components. Armor is not liable for data loss of any kind. For any computer repair whose total cost comes to less than $150, service will be performed without authorization from the customer. For any phone repair whose total cost comes to less than $150, service will be performed without authorization from the customer. For any repair whose total cost amounts to more than the aforementioned amounts, a quote will be provided to the customer and verbal authorization must be obtained to complete repair. If the customer elects not to have the repair completed, a diagnostic fee will be assessed to cover the cost of labor. If the customer chooses to have Armor repair the item, the customer will be responsible for the cost of labor and the cost of any parts necessary to repair the item. Upon completion of repair, the customer will be informed of such by telephone; it is the responsibility of the customer to provide Armor with a valid phone number. The item will be considered abandoned if the outstanding balance for repair is not paid in full within 30 days OR the customer does not contact Armor in response to a repair quote within 30 days. Abandoned items become the property of Armor and may be re-sold to recover costs.
  • An Armor Techs technician will advise the customer on whether or not a repair is economically justifiable.
  • Payment is due immediately for special order (not in stock) repair parts.
  • Computer diagnosis will be done in 3 business days.
  • Immediate repair is available for a $30.00 rush repair fee.