Creating a High-Tech Home Office for Your Ecommerce Business


Starting an e-commerce business takes drive, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But these qualities can only get you so far. You need a workspace that’s optimized for productivity, with tech that meets your demands and helps you efficiently serve your customers.

A focus on productivity is especially important if you’re setting up shop in your living space, where it’s hard to draw the lines between personal and business-related tasks. Here are some efficient tips from Home Improvement Leads for expertly organizing your office to help your business achieve its goals.

USB Headset

The early stages of building an e-commerce business require quite a bit of collaboration with others. From obtaining the proper registration to speaking with designers about visual branding to fine-tuning the product itself, you’re holding important conversations every step of the way. Get a USB headset that can keep up with you by providing both physical comfort and the clarity of sound that you need to tune out distractions in your home office.

Portable Scanner

When you’re making room for your business in your home, you may be working with limited square footage. This can be challenging when you need a machine that scans, copies, faxes, and prints since a traditional all-in-one printer is far from sleek and dainty. Thankfully, a portable scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap S13001 takes up very little space on your desk but can handle high volumes of documents. You won’t waste any time with this thing; it features scan speeds of up to 12 double-sided pages per minute as well as several other helpful features that keep you moving at high speed.

Large Monitor

A fast computer with a high-speed connection is still only as fast as the user operating it. On a small monitor, you have to perceive and recall information and then take the time to navigate from window to window to implement it. This can complicate and slow down basic tasks and even result in unnecessary errors. Skip the inconvenience and use a large monitor in your home office instead, such as the Dell UltraSharp 25-inch monitor. Extensive ports are also a must when it comes to choosing a new monitor since it will result in less fumbling around various accessories and devices.

Team Organization Apps

Communicating with your business partners and employees means far more these days than being in touch via email or phone. You need to be able to exchange documents, hold chats, assign tasks, share training materials, and give announcements as easily as possible. Thankfully, there are organization apps that help you streamline these tasks and create a virtual office space. Apps like Slack, Trello, and Basecamp help you coordinate your remote team and stay on track.

The Right Ecommerce Software

Your store should be designed around your product. An online store for physical products may look different from one that sells digital downloads. You may want comprehensive software like Shopify that includes elements like a website builder and customer relationship management, or you may simply want free a plugin that fits onto your existing Wordpress site, like WooCommerce. For digital download sales, Selz is a winner: it automatically processes orders and helps you with distribution. Whatever you choose, make your website and online store accessible, intuitive, and easy to use.

Now implement some cord organization and you’re ready to dominate!