Eat, Sleep, Mobile, Repeat


When a consumer picks up his phone, is your brand in his hand? Mobile apps have become the most immersive medium for consumer engagement. Today’s consumer is overloaded and you need a way to reach your target audience with immediacy. Mobile applications are a personal, interactive, and effective way to accomplish this task.  Mobile websites are the best way to reach a new market.

And better still, your customers already use them on a daily basis:

In 2015, about 180 billion Mobile App Store downloads will take place.

By the end of this year, more than 780 million people globally will be mobile-only users, not owning a computer.

An average user spends 194 minutes per day in front of a smartphone/tablet, significantly more than the time spent on a television or computer.

88% of that time is spent on mobile app or website.

The power of mobile website has revolutionized the playing field between customers and businesses. This is what 500 business owners said in a recent survey:

  • More than 61% said a mobile website provided a positive return on investment;
  • 75% said that the mobile website was excellent for customer generation and;
  • 86 % said the mobile website was better for creating repeat customers.

The mobile website offers convenience, 24-hour visibility, real-time engagement, and direct marketing in a way never seen!

There is a website application for everything too!

Enterprise: Applications that solve organizational problems and help make management easier. You can bring your team together, share information, automate processes, and always be ahead of the curve.

Gaming: People love brands that are fun. Mobile applications with game features can let your customers have a good time in addition to shopping for your product.

Publishing: Content publishing applications are perfect for broadcasting your brand content to a varied audience. Blog posts, brand articles, press releases etc. can be easily distributed through a media publishing application.

E-Commerce: Are the most practical use of mobile applications. An e-commerce application can serve the dual purposes of providing consumers with the latest offers your business has all with a convenient avenue to reach your brand.

Friday September 2nd, 2016#