Armor E-Waste Recycling

Armor Techs is working to make DeKalb Greener. All E-waste is collected at the Main Office of Armor at 143 E Lincoln Hwy DeKalb IL 60115.

We are working with a number of vendors to make sure that electronics are getting disposed of properly. We are using what is still good and refurbishing some items, while we are taking the rest and getting the material reclaimed done to keep the landfills from getting bigger.

We are accepting all electronics and batteries for FREE except CRT Monitors and Televisions.

We are accepting CRT Monitors and Televisions for a disposal cost:

$10 for a CRT Monitor 19 inches or smaller

$14 for a CRT Monitor larger than 19 inches

$18 for a CRT Television 19 inches or smaller

$26 for a CRT Television larger than 19 inches

We are taking everything else in for FREE though!  We are collecting items like these for recycling:

LCD TVs, cell phones, computers, LCD monitors, VCRs, DVD players, Satellite Receivers, coffee makers, dehumidifiers, lamps, toasters, air conditioners, batteries, power adapters, computers, laptops, cables, wire, wiring, and any IT related equipment, scrap metal, printers, plotters, ink toner & cartridges, smoke detectors, consoles, projectors, and anything else that has circuits in it.

Any Questions?  Call 815-754-0505