FBI Moneypak Virus - We can remove it!


Believe it or not, hackers are becoming even more and more inventive every day. Now security researchers warn users about a new deceitful attacker called FBI Moneypak. This virus extended from a group of Estonians that the FBI has stopped. However, the virus has still infected some servers that are using websites to spread the virus. This time online criminals have created an even more sophisticated intruder to trick you into wasting your money. This malicious creation wants to mislead you into paying $100 to $200 to unlock your PC. Do not believe in any of the deceitful warnings displayed by this scam tool! The FBI Moneypak is a ransomware infection. It pretends to be displayed by FBI and to be a legitimate and reliable message. In fact, this is a deceitful pop-up message and wants to mislead you into spending your money on a dangerous attacker. Although this intruder states that you have been visiting insecure web pages, this is nothing, but a trick used to take your money.

You have to be aware that in case your computer is infected with this virus, you will not be able to start your legitimate applications. FBI Moneypak will always appear on top of your programs and try to scare you into paying money. Although the infection may disappear when you reboot your PC, it is still there, and when you log in to Windows again FBI Moneypak will appear on your desktop. Then, it will start insisting that you pay for unlocking your PC. Do not be tricked and know that you have to ignore all of these fraudulent messages! Hackers have created this scam tool to take your money. You do not have to pay for this virus in order to unlock your computer.

If you want to know how FBI Moneypak is transferred to your PC, you have to be aware that this intruder is spread via Trojans. This attacker comes together with other computer viruses and infects your system unnoticed. When you click on malicious or compromised web links the infection is automatically transferred to your computer. The FBI Moneypak runs a hidden process on your PC and is configured to start automatically when you launch Windows. This is how every time you reboot your computer the attacker appears on your desktop. If you would like, we can remove the virus, repair the damage it has done, and reinforce your computer fix the problem.

Friday October 28th, 2016#