Game Console Repair


Armor Technologies is a full-range game console repair shop. What makes our repair services so special? We offer all game console repairs from Red Ring of Death XBOX fixes to PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray drive replacements. Imagine that you’re finally off work and you just want to go home, eat a sandwich, and play some XBOX. But when you turn it on, it just blinks red. This can be something as small as a disc error to something as major as a motherboard overheating.

The game console has become a common household accessory. And gaming has become a favorite activity of not just kids, but adults as well. The increasing popularity and complexity of game consoles has also increased the need for game console repairs. No matter what brand ( Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo ), they all need repairs sooner or later.

What makes us different from other repair services in the market is our expertise in handling special repairs. It takes a great amount of experience and infrastructure to actually render a proper repair. Our team deals with the newest game consoles, phones, and laptops every day. We are capable of handling video game devices of almost all generations.

Remember that consoles can crash if the system is abused over a long period of time, and dust build-up can cause over-heating issues. Today’s game consoles are very complex, and they have more in common with computers than the older game systems. With all consoles having disc drives, fans, and power hungry graphics cards, the risk of failure increases exponentially. Always remember to keep your console in a well-ventilated area. If possible, use compressed air to blow out the dust in the back where the fans are.

Saturday October 15th, 2016#