Microsoft (Xbox One + Xbox One X)Nintendo (Wii U + Switch)Sony (PS3 + PS4)


We fix the Red Ring of Death, Broken Drives, & More.

Armor Techs services all major game console systems and most retro consoles. Our skilled technicians take great care to perform all services with high-quality parts and professional repairs.

Here are a few of the problems we tackle: Red Ring of Death, Flashing Lights, Unit Will Not Light Up, Fan No Longer Spins / Cools Unit, Hard Drives Not Detected, Games Freezing, Unit Cannot Read Discs. We will restore your game data, fix broken connector drives, screens, software, or mainboards. Whatever your issue is, we fix it.

Xbox Systems
$70.00/hour + cost of parts
Playstation Systems
$70.00/hour + cost of parts
Nintendo Systems
$70.00/hour + cost of parts


Anything and Everything

We will repair any gaming console—new and retro. We can also handle arcade repairs and other electronic gaming devices. Come in for a quote on your repair!