Have You Met the A-Team?


Have you met some of the A-Team?  Between Rochelle, DeKalb and Geneva there are several Technicians, Designers, Programmers, and the Support Staff that manages and keeps the shop going day to day.  Get to know Toni and Linda.  They take good care of following through with the customers to make sure their Computers and Mobile Devices are getting in, fixed and returned into their hands as soon as possible.  Matt, Kyle, Andy, Adam, and Dakota are getting your computers, phones, and game consoles cleaned, fixed, and tuned up.  Also, don’t forget to ask them about things like Office 365 products, Virus Scanners, Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Surfing, PBX Phone Systems, and what do we have for new and used computers.  And then there is Charlie and me who head the Marketing and Design Team.  We take care of businesses’ marketing and design from building and maintaining websites, web hosting, email, business cards, brochures, to all the other necessary marketing material that a business needs to bring in new customers as well as reinforce the customer confidence in the company.

If you need help with anything tech and marketing give us a call, like us on Facebook, let us know how we are doing on Google and Yelp, check out our Pinterest and Reddit, go to our website www.ArmorTechs.com, send us an email, or yell down the street since we are local.

We would like to thank our 11 years of awesome customers that have kept us in business and has made it possible to contribute back to the community and organizations we support.

Wednesday August 31st, 2016#