Heartbleed Bug


The Heartbleed Bug is an exploit, on servers, that can be used to get random chunks of data to return from a server.  Most servers have all passwords encrypted, such as banks, social network sites, web hosting companies, and a wide range of security companies.  The odds that the small amount of hackers that used this exploit were able to get your information are as good as you winning the lottery. 

Here at Armor Technologies, we are responsible for Secure Hosting System, the web hosting arm of our company.  We are one of the few web designers and developers that also host the sites we build on the servers we build and maintain.  As a Linux Administrator, we have patched our servers for the exploit as well as most reputable companies around the world.  If you may be concerned about your information, or need work done on your server, or concerned that your web hosting company doesn’t check for security holes give us a call at 815-754-0505

Saturday November 5th, 2016#