Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible


Home Automation and the Apps That Make It Possible

By Stephanie Sylvester

How smart is your home? At ArmorTechs we believe in building or remodeling to achieve a home with great efficiency so that homeowners can save money, feel secure in their homes, and enjoy all of the comfort and convenience that modern technology offers. Here are some of the best home automation app combinations available.


One day last month, I was playing at the park with my daughter when I realized that my flat iron might still be plugged in. I felt guilty about the abrupt end to playtime, but I needed to be sure that our house, and our dog inside of it, were safe. The Insight Switch is one of WeMo’s offerings that would have restored my peace of mind and allowed my child to play to her heart’s content. This outlet allows a consumer to turn devices at home off no matter where they may be. Now that I have the WeMo app and outlets installed, I don’t have to worry about racing home if I can’t remember to turn the iron off. I can simply pull my smartphone from my pocket, and turn the outlet off. WeMo also offers device charging docks, a NetCam for surveillance, and smart appliances that can be controlled with the WeMo remote (your phone). Thanks to the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker that is compatible with WeMo, I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee as soon as I get out of bed. A life-changer for working parents is the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker, which allows you to start your crock pot at a convenient time. Everyday tasks become so much easier when you can manage them away from home.


Samsung’s SmartThings is another Home Automation line that offers savvy security and efficiency to homeowners. Once your SmartThings app and coordinating products are installed, you will receive notifications when there is movement detected in your home. A compatible lock can be installed on your door so you can control who may enter your home when you are not there without giving a spare key. For example, housekeepers and dog walkers can alert that they have arrived and you can unlock the door for them with your phone. SmartThings allows peace of mind for working parents who can receive notifications when children arrive home from school. Like the WeMo, SmartThings can turn lights off during the day if you forget before leaving the house, and it can turn them on if you are away from home longer than expected, which will make it look like someone is home.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is compatible with WeMo, SmartThings, and several other home automation devices and products. In addition to controlling your smart products with voice command, Amazon Echo offers organizational tools, entertainment, and news and search tools. You can ask your virtual assistant Alexa about your schedule, listen to your favorite music or audiobooks, and find out about traffic delays or other news events. Frequent Amazon shoppers can request an auto order of items that are purchased regularly. Instead of writing a reminder to restock toiletries, you can simply request them by voice and they will appear on your doorstep in a couple of days.

Smart Homes Save Money and Restore Peace of Mind

Technology continues to increase convenience and security. Most of us feel overscheduled, overworked, and overwhelmed. Simplify your life with these home automation hubs and apps and know that Armor Technologies will always be a phone call away to help with any issues. For more home improvement tips and tricks, check out Modernize.com