Is your slow computer worth keeping? Yes!


Your computer as a word processor, internet browser, and multifunctional tool is still worth keeping, it may just need a little optimization. Here at Armor Technologies Tech and Repair Shop we can take your old system that may just have problems such as not enough hard drive space, left over programs and bad files, data corruption, missing windows updated and outdated drivers, thermal issues, corrupt Operating System, bad hardware, not enough RAM, or a multitude of other issues that may be upsetting you with your computer and we can fix it.


  • Dell Inspiron 1545 with a broken DC jack: We took it apart, removed the broken jack, soldered a new one in, put the computer back together, tested, and it works.
    The customer has a working computer for: $152.85.
  • HP Tower with corrupt Operating System: We pulled his personal data from the hard drive, reinstalled the Operating System with up to date hardware drivers, put his data back into the system, installed Avira Antivirus, LibreOffice, Adobe Reader X, FireFox, VLC media player, Gimp Image Manipulator, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and 7-Zip, and gave him a 3GB RAM upgrade.
    The customer had a working computer for: $175.13.
  • HP G62 Laptop with a broken LCD: We took apart the laptop to remove the LCD, then we redid the cabling for the new LCD, installed it, put the laptop back together, tested, and it works.
    The customer has a working computer for $211.13.
  • Toshiba Laptop that is too slow: We did a system optimization, forced air cleaned the heatsink and keyboard, disabled startup items, tweaked the registry, installed Avira Antivirus, and it works fast.
    The customer has a working computer for: $62.53

The bottom line is that you can put a little money into your system to now to save money in the long run. If you keep your system running now, you will be able to buy better technology later. Also if your current computer gets damaged or stolen you have lost less. Give Armor Technologies Tech and Repair Shop of Dekalb or Rochelle a call to see how we can fix, upgrade, and speed up your computer for less.

Friday October 21st, 2016#