Web and Graphic Designer

James Keegan

Biography: James was born and raised in Genoa, Illinois. With a passion for art, he could often be found sketching in one of his many sketch pads, whether it be cartoon characters or wildlife. In the mid-1980s, his father brought home their family's first of many home computers, a Tandy TRS-80. Quickly James became enthralled with all the amazing things that he could do on this machine.

After a time working a trade during the construction boom, James rediscovered his love for computers. A return to school was in order. While taking classes for a transfer to a larger school, James was forced to pick a replacement course at the last minute. Web 101 quickly grabbed his attention, and a new interest was born. After deciding to change direction to web programming, James was introduced to photography as a requirement for graduation.

Education: Rock Valley College with honors in the winter of 2013.

Hobbies: Photography, gardening, and cooking.

Favorite Sci-fi Movies: The Fifth Element, The Last Starfighter.

Favorite Video Games: Pitfall, Tetris, Everquest.

Favorite Sci-fi Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Favorite Food: Pizza.

James Keegan