Jeremy Arnold - Bookkeeper

Jeremy Arnold - Bookkeeper
Biography: Jeremy was born and raised in and around Rockford. He spent a few years living in Minneapolis Minnesota before moving to Dekalb to attend college and currently resides in downtown Naperville. While at NIU, he became an active member of the NIU Triathlon tream, international organizations and volunteered for many service projects in the area. Jeremy has a pashion for the performing arts and has been involved in various productions at the Starlight Theater and Carnegie Hall. In the past year, he has spent time in Boston, MA and gone backpacking in the Colorado Rockies. As the newest member, he believes his skills as a Mathematician and in Finance will be a good resource to the Armor Techs team.

Education: BS in Mathematics with an emphasis in Probability and Statistics from Northern Illinois University

Hobbies: He enjoys playing boardgames, the performing arts, traveling, camping, hiking, riding his motorcycle, mini-adventures, exploring new places, competing in triathlons and long walks to the fridge.

Favorite Sci-fi movie(s): Spaceballs, Innerspace, Deadpool, Stargate (movie and SG-1 spinoff), Return of the Jedi, Howard the Duck

Favorite Video Game: Evil Dead

Favorite Board Game(s): King of Tokyo, Red Dragon Inn, Shadows Over Camelot, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Machi Koro, The Settlers of Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham

Favorite Food: Seconds

Favorite Anime: Naruto and Bleach