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Lily Wetzel

Biography: Lily was born in Chicago and raised in St. Charles, IL. In high school, she was involved in extracurricular activities such as business networking clubs, research study groups, and most prevalently, activities that allowed her to play drums. Whether it be drumming on a snare in parades, playing bongos and congas with a choir, or even drumming on set with her and her two best friends' band at charity events.

She is currently attending NIU pursuing Business Administration and Philosophy. When not at work, she enjoys relaxing with her pets, reading, appreciating nature and arts, and spending time with her large family, where there is always something new happening.

Education: Enrolled at NIU.

Hobbies: Exploring, driving, catching amphibians.

Favorite Food: Sushi.

Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Rick and Morty.

Lily Wetzel