Do you search for services on your cell phone or tablet?  If you are reading this you do.  At the Armor Marketing at Design Company, we perform internet marketing tasks such as mobile responsive web design for our clients and act as an outsourced IT department for other marketing companies. 


It is a well-designed site that used CSS3 media queries and smart frameworks to reshape the website with the same content it would have on a desktop view in a size that can be displayed on your phone.  A mobile responsive site is not a separate website like some people that have a specific, separate mobile websites.  This is becoming a new standard in web design due to the number of devices on the market with different screen sizes.

A mobile responsive website is NOT a generic plugin, it is current technology.  Most plugins such as the ones for Word Press like WPTouch, stuck on your site so that people on a mobile device will merely see a list of blog posts, are notoriously glitchy.

A mobile-responsive website is the same site – same links, same content – on every device. The only difference is that it is coded such that it will automatically resize its various elements for whatever size device it is being viewed on; whether it’s a 1200 x 800 monitor (the most common worldwide at 19.5% market share) or a 320 x 480 smartphone (11.4% market share). Of course, device size market share remains fluid, and probably changed while reading this sentence, which is what makes an adaptive design more important than ever.

Back in 2008, the people who make web standards in an attempt to keep it from being a code-monkey free-for-all out there recommended the One Web approach.  That is, making the web as far as reasonable, the same information and services available to users irrespective of the device they are using.  You can see the results today; it is not just the latest technology gimmick


The smart money in marketing is currently being spent on products like mobile responsive design since it is bringing service companies in new clients that can hit the phone number from the website.    While it is rapidly becoming the standard, mobile responsive does increase the number of hours, and the skill level, put into both design and development, so you can expect it to cost a bit more than a standard, non-adaptive website, say 25-30%. But if having to pinch and zoom and scroll and email a link to themselves cause you to lose a client it is worth it.

If you have questions about MRD, email me at and we can let you know how this can help your company.

Thursday November 3rd, 2016#