Graphic Designer

Mykaila Clesen

(815) 754-0505 x139
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Biography: Mykaila was born in Sycamore, Illinois, then moved to Maple Park, Illinois. Mykaila found her passion for art when she acquired Sonic Shuffle for the Dreamcast as a kid. She started her journey to create wonders. From making jewelry to animation to glassing blowing, the idea that you can create anything that you can think of is what captured her attention and started her down the creative path. While getting her associate's in Graphic Design, she was part of the comic book club, as the treasurer. After that, she attended Illinois State University where she got her bachelor's in Art Entertainment. While there, she became a member of the University Program Board for Art and Entertainment, where she would plan, advertise, and run events for the for the students at the university. At one of these events, Mykaila and a group of 2 others entered into a competition to create a 2D side-scrolling video game using tin cans as controllers. Mykaila was the programmer of the group and taught herself Processing in 3 months to get first place. Mykaila is passionate and works with a bunch of different media. Right now her focus is on metal working.

Education: BS in Art Entertainment from Illinois State University. Certified in Microsoft Office through education.

Hobbies: Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop games, video games, vector art/installations, painting (models), hiking, reading, wiring (metal work), video and sound editing, and watching sci-fi films.

Favorite Video Games: Dragon Age: Origins

Favorite Sci-fi Movies: Pick of Destiny

Favorite Sci-fi Series: Dresden Files, Locke Lamora