Engineering Intern

Nicholas Schleicher

(815) 754-0505 x0
Biography: Nicholas was born in Elgin, Il on July 10, 1983. He was raised by his mother and father. His father was an electrical/mechanical engineer for Sun Micro Systems. As a young boy, Nick found his passion for computers by watching and learning from his father. As he got older his curiosity for technology only grew. He got his first tech job working at an internet service provider in Cary, IL. Where he was a support technician helping customers get online. After that he joined the US Navy and rose to the rank of ABE-3rd class petty officer. After he got out of the military he earned his certification in nursing and in Computers with Comp-Tia A+ certification. He worked as a nurse while still fixing computers on the side. In 2011 Nick was hired at a computer repair company. Where he was a computer technician. This is where he was able to focus on what he loved to do, which is help people and fix all types of electronics. As of today, Nick is working on his degree in electrical engineering at DeVry University and was just awarded the Deans List.

Education: Comp-Tia A+ certification, Currently a Student at Devry University pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.

Hobbies: Working on cars, playing online games with friends, building computers, exercising and playing with nieces and nephews.

Favorite Sci-fi Movies: Superman (1978), War Games

Favorite Sci-fi Series: Stargate SG1