No.1 Virus Problem


One of the main issues we see at Armor are computer viruses. A seemingly benign link or email attachment quickly turns into a havoc-wreaking software monstrosity and next thing you know you´re hauling your computer down to us to get fixed! Often when someone brings in a virus ridden computer we will ask, "Well, how did you get it?" with two answers usually resulting. Either it was, "a kids friend who did it" or they have no idea. The first explanation has little recourse, unless you´re sitting over someone's shoulder the entire time they are on your computer the best you can do is trust them and hope that your antivirus will do its job. There are other alternatives, such as installing Linux, however, with the windows OS you´re putting the life of your computer into someone else's hands. The second reason, though, stems from most people's good and kind nature.

When users who see a popup saying, "YOU HAVE 20,000 VIRUSES. CLICK HERE TO DELETE THEM!" they make the assumption that someone out there in the vast mysterious cyber world is trying to help them and click on whatever will promise to help keep their computer clean. This warning, of course, is just a ploy to allow any number of viruses, malware, or trojan horses into your computer so they may do whatever damage it is they were designed to do. Do not click cancel or no from the box. Instead click the "X" in the corner to close out.

The rule of thumb when deciding whether a warning is authentic or not is whether it comes from a program installed on your computer or not. Any computer should only have one antivirus running, possibly in combination with Windows Defender, so the only time you should heed any warning is if it came from the antivirus software you have installed such as McAfee, Avast, Avira, Symantec, etc. Also, it´s best to make the assumption that if it´s free and comes with a toolbar then it probably has some sort of malware or malicious software attached to it. For a comprehensive list of free trustworthy programs visit the Armor Technologies website.

If you did get caught by one of these viruses Armor Technologies can fix your problem.

Thursday October 13th, 2016#