Open in Rochelle


Armor Technologies is now also open in Rochelle Illinois to continue to offer I.T. Repair solutions for the area. We are fixing PC, MAC, Server, Laptop, and Desktop Computers, Cell Phones, Game Consoles, and some general electronics. We also offer Web and Graphic Design Services with hosting.

Armor Technologies is moving its servers into its Rochelle location to take advantage of the RMU´s fiber connection. We are the only web designers in the area that manage their own servers locally.

Why use fiber? First of all, telephone wire is over a century old. The actual way a phone works is that old too! The telephone wire used for POTS (plain old telephone service, like in your home or a small office) goes to a switch, where the analog voice signal is digitized and most probably sent off on a fiber optic cable. The copper phone wire has very limited bandwidth. It was designed to provide 3kHz bandwidth, perfectly adequate for a voice signal. The modem has to play some pretty sophisticated games to get higher bit rates over the limited bandwidth of the POTS line. Two digital systems work on this old cable style: ISDN and xDSL. ISDN is a low bit rate digital signal that never caught on - since analog modems are just as fast and a lot cheaper and easier to set up. xDSL or digital subscriber loop is faster around 1.5 Mb/s, but only if you are close to the phone switch. So the phone system is mostly fiber optics beyond the short subscriber link. Fiber links offer over 1,000 times as much bandwidth over distances over 100 times further. Specifically, you can have:



 Voice Channels


 2.5 km

1.5 Mb/s



 200 km

2.5+ Gb/s

 32,000 +

That tremendously higher capacity comes at a price. But even if it costs 1000 times as much for two fibers (one to transmit and receive), it is still 1/100th the cost of copper per voice channel. And it has other advantages, like a fiber optic cable being a fraction of the size and weight of a copper cable, a big point in underground conduits in crowded cities!

So thank you RMU.

Sunday October 9th, 2016#