Process Improvement with 5s and Armor


A successful business can still be unprofitable. When a company has implemented and institutionalized a system of waste as part of its business model, then external productivity may not be enough to keep it growing. 5S is a commonly used tool for organizing workplaces, improving efficiency and productivity, originally developed in Japan, 5S has been a tool for remolding businesses for years. The system was designed to ensure that a company’s internal organization, cleanliness, and workflow were all working in tandem with one another to ensure that a company could count on every resource was working to advance the bottom line.

The five simple 5S stages are:

  • seiri (sort)
  • seiton (set in order)
  • seiso (shine)
  • seiketsu (standardize)
  • shitsuke (sustain)

Each stage of this process was designed to identify elements of the business break them down into component pieces, reorganize them, and to allow expectations to be clearly understood and sustainable. 5S services are now available at Armor. Our Six Sigma Certified Black Belt Richard Bergeson is waiting to help take your business to the next level. Richard has more than twenty years of experience process consulting and technology improvement, CRM implementation, published articles on the subject of Lean Supply Chain, Manufacturing Strategies, management experience in retail, distribution, and transportation- no matter the business Armor can fix I.T.

Wednesday September 14th, 2016#