Recommended Virus Scanner


Armor Technologies is currently recommending Avira Virus Scanner. The free version offers root-kit support. However, you will have to put up with the pop-up box to close out every other day. Their pro version of the virus scanner is less than $25. We do recommend that you buy the pro version.

Unlike the free version of AVG and Avast, which both work well, Avira is not running any data mining software. Avira uses fewer resources and keeps it heuristics up to identify virus problems.

Some more sophisticated antivirus software uses heuristic analysis to identify new malware or variants of known malware. Many viruses start as a single infection and through either mutation or refinements by other attackers, can grow into dozens of slightly different strains, called variants. Generic detection refers to the detection and removal of multiple threats using a single virus definition. For example, the Vundo trojan has several family members, depending on the antivirus vendor´s classification. Symantec classifies members of the Vundo family into two distinct categories, Trojan.Vundo and Trojan.Vundo.B. While it may be advantageous to identify a specific virus, it can be quicker to detect a virus family through a generic signature or through an inexact match to an existing signature. Virus researchers find common areas that all viruses in a family share uniquely and can thus create a single generic signature. These signatures often contain non-contiguous code, using wildcard characters where differences lie. These wildcards allow the scanner to detect viruses even if they are padded with extra, meaningless code. A detection that uses this method is said to be "heuristic detection."

Keep checking this blog for updates, Armor Technologies is planning on setting several systems up will different virus scans to put them to the test.

Tuesday October 4th, 2016#Virus #Scanner #Avira