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Being a modern and ever-expanding society most households, which ten years ago had one very expensive "family computer" in a central location, now have many low-cost laptops and desktops strewn throughout the home. That central computer is most likely still there, right next to the cable modem providing the internet. But now with little Susie and Jimmy each having laptops upstairs far away from the modem its time to provide them with the internet they so desperately crave.

There are a plethora of options on how to provide internet throughout a home including Broadband Over Power, running Cat5, IR, and wireless LAN. Out of all of these options, though, wireless is the easiest and least invasive solution. The newest N-300 wireless standard allows for HD streaming speeds even after passing through the walls of your home while also offering WPA2 encryption to keep the snoopy neighbor kid from sniffing around on your network and downloading questionable content using your internet connection.

Of the many wireless manufacturers out there today we at Armor really only recommend three, Net Gear, Belkin and Linksys (who was recently bought by Cisco). We have had plenty of experience with these manufacturers and can say they both build durable and dependable consumer grade wireless routers. However, there is a distinction that should be made between the two companies which is that Belkin uses closed source firmware while Linksys uses open source firmware. What this means to you as the consumer is that with a closed source firmware architecture you are limited to the firmware upgrades that Belkin provides and only those upgrades. Linksys, on the other hand, allows the user to install any type of firmware they see fit, not only those written by Linksys but also a very well known router firmware upgrade called DD-WRT.

You may be asking yourself, "Well, why do I need to upgrade the firmware anyway?" The answer is because with DD-WRT you have the ability to transform a $60 router into a $300 router that has many of the same functions and support as an enterprise level router. These functions include an expansive control set for the Repeater ability (the ability for the router to pick up another router´s signal and boost it to another part of your home with poor reception), Port Forwarding (allowing you to log into any computer in your house from anywhere in the world), and plenty more. The repeater function would be the most important for anyone who has noticed that in certain parts of their home which are far away from the router that their reception becomes very poor and transfer speeds drop through the floor. With a repeater, you can boost that signal so everyone has full bars all of the time.

If you are interested in a wireless setup in your home Armor Technologies offers a full network setup kit which includes a wireless router with a custom install of DD-WRT, all the wires you´ll need, and home installation by a certified professional. We are also happy to upgrade your current router with DD-WRT to increase its capabilities. To see if your router is supported please visit the DD-WRT "Router Support List" to find out if you too can get more from your router!

Tuesday October 11th, 2016#