Assistant Project Manager, Developer, and Digital Marketing Specialist

Ryan Miranda

(815) 754-0505 x110
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Biography: born and raised in rural Illinois, Ryan Miranda is ARMOR's Lead Software Developer and Pay Per Click Advertising Specialist. He comes from a background of tinkering with electronics and writing software and over a decade of customer service. and strives to provide custom software solutions that benefit your business and fit your timeline.

Ryan is part of our certified Google Ads team, with certifications in Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads. He's also certified in JavaScript & PHP From the W3Schools Program, and has several different course certifications in JavaScript, PHP, and CSS From various certification authorities. When it comes to custom solutions to fit your business or brand, Ryan is an asset at coming up with multiple routes to reach the end result, managing a team of people to reach the end result, and communicating with you to ensure you know where a project is, the projected timeline, and what to expect.

Additional qualifications for Ryan include a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University, with minors in Business Administration and Marketing.

Ryan is confident that no matter the problem you bring to ARMOR's Marketing Team, he can find a solution for you that fits your budget and your timeline. Whether it's a new website to marketing your brand or business to the rest of the world, a software to manage your business's day-to-day or payroll, or some additional marketing to really sell you above your competitors - Ryan and the team at ARMOR have you covered.

Education: BS in Computer Science with Minors in Marketing and Business Administration. PHP Certified through W3Schools. Inbound Certified through Hubspot. Google Ads Certified.

Hobbies: Online and tabletop gaming, web and game development, fishing, binge-watching sitcoms, obscure references to pop culture nobody remembers, streaming, YouTube Content Creation.

Favorite Sci-fi Movies: Deadpool, The Warcraft Movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Favorite Video Games: Secret of Mana, The Donkey Kong Country series.

Favorite Sci-fi Series: Black Mirror.

Ryan Miranda