Assistant Project Manager, Developer, and Digital Marketing Specialist

Ryan Miranda

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Biography: Ryan was born in the suburbs, but shortly after moved to Oregon, Illinois where he was raised. With a passion for learning, he quickly became involved in basically anything he could to get more knowledge - including Robotics Club, Student Council, and Academic Bowl. His passion quickly reared its head in Computer Gaming, and he built his first gaming computer from parts he bought with a summer job (and help from his parents) at nine years old. This gaming computer started the addiction, and he has been hooked on the tech world ever since. He's an NIU graduate with a BS in Computer Science with minors in marketing and business administration, with his goal being technical marketing - understanding the product inside-and-out so he can pitch it to everyone in the chain of command, from the developers to the CEO. He is passionate about web development of all kinds, competitive gaming, and animals of all varieties. When he isn't in front of a computer honing his skills (or, more likely, playing the latest video game), he's spending time with his fiance and his dog going on adventures, fishing, or wrapped up in a blanket bingeing the newest trending series on Netflix or Hulu. Ryan has worked in customer service for almost a decade, and as such has a passion for helping his clients, and making sure the job is done right.

Education: BS in Computer Science with Minors in Marketing and Business Administration. PHP Certified through W3Schools. Inbound Certified through Hubspot. Google Ads Certified.

Hobbies: Online and tabletop gaming, web and game development, fishing, binge-watching sitcoms, obscure references to pop culture nobody remembers, streaming, YouTube Content Creation.

Favorite Sci-fi Movies: Deadpool, The Warcraft Movie.

Favorite Video Games: Secret of Mana, The Donkey Kong Country series.

Favorite Sci-fi Series: Black Mirror.

Ryan Miranda