Graphic Design

Simon Saxsma

Biography: Simon was born and raised in Cary, Illinois, a small sister town to the more widely-known Crystal Lake. From an early age, you could find him keeping several sketchbooks and various writing utensils on-hand, never leaving home without them. It was no surprise that his interest in Graphic Arts piqued in High School when he took a Visual Communications class and fell in love with the Adobe Creative Suite upon first glance. He spent all of his time honing his skills and within a year was even in charge of teaching the class on occasion. He is attending Northern Illinois University and is currently working towards a BFA in Visual Communications. Simon has been working with the Adobe Creative Suite for over 8 years and thrives at Armor, where he has lots of creative freedom, making sure to keep up-to-date with new trends and has been seen even starting some of his own. To him, Graphic Design is both an in-shop career and also an at-home hobby; he never gets tired of flexing his creative muscle. But when he's not creating graphics, you can find Simon practicing Super Smash Bros, where he's been actively competing in tournaments for over 6 years at a semi-professional level. His other interests include Netflix and, and he is currently teaching himself Korean.

Education: High School Diploma from Cary-Grove High School, 3 Years towards a BFA in Visual Communications at NIU.

Hobbies: Graphic Art/Design, Online Gaming, Photography, Illustration, watching Netflix and Twitch.TV, learning Korean.

Favorite Sci-Fi movies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Favorite Video Games: Metroid Fusion, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Favorite Sci-Fi series: 3%.

Favorite Food: Veggie Pita.

Favorite Anime: Steins;Gate, Samurai Champloo.

Simon Saxsma