Soft Business


The only constant in the business world now is the fluid nature of the change itself. Modern business practices are changing to meet the demands for better return on investment, as well as improved customers satisfaction. Technology has advanced to the point where companies are now shifting from spending their budget on pure marketing campaigns, trade shows, and one-size-fits-all interruption marketing to personalized tracking systems like customer relationship management software, ticket systems to monitor productivity, and other integrated systems.

There are dozens of pieces of business software on the market today, and the task of finding the right one to streamlines your company’s daily workflow can be daunting. Studies have indicated an increase of 15% in workflow productivity once automated systems have been integrated into the business. Automated ticket systems, for example, allow you to monitor productivity and develop a time framework for how long any given task should take.  A good customer relationship manager, or CRM, should facilitate a lead generation strategy with a personalized marketing strategy. Integrating the CRM systems is essential to ensure the marketing and sales department personnel have the data they need to function well and make better business decisions.

Integrating these software systems into your company gives your team the power to improve upon every process and maximize the impact of customer point of contact—the results include higher conversion rates, increased business revenue, and the confidence to build new strategies based on a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors at every stage of the sales cycle. An effective automated system is now at the forefront of most business models with billions of dollars in future projections by 2017. 47% of companies polled indicated that they will be investing in some form of an automated system for their business.

Consistent sales attribution relies on internal reporting to outline every aspect of the sales cycle and to identify the source of the revenue. With a synchronized and properly chosen system, employees can see where marketing strategies are the most effective, where leads differ in accuracy and targeting and maintain their productivity and work strategies. Proper integration can track every aspect of your business, from what generated the prospect to what ultimately converted the sale, and will allow your company to better meet prospects needs and increase revenue in future campaigns. Armor can help you choose the right software for you or develop customized software. Remember anything IT, Armor is there.

Friday September 16th, 2016#