Sony Game Console Repair

We can fix your PlayStation 4, 3, 2, PSP, etc.

PlayStation 4

Armor Technologies repairs your PlayStation 4 in DeKalb, IL Sony announced its next-generation console, the PlayStation 4 and its accompanying new controller, the DualShock 4. The company had a few surprises up its sleeve, like the fact that its PS Vita would be capable of playing PlayStation 4 games via streaming technology it acquired when it purchased Gaikai. The news is still coming, so check back with this StoryStream for everything you need to know about the new hardware, latest games, and more.

PlayStation 3

Armor Technologies repairs your PlayStation 3 in Rockford, ILSony debuted the PlayStation 3 in November of 2006 with two different storage options. One had 20GB of storage while the other had 60GB. These original models were backward compatible with all PS2 games, had 4 USB ports, had built-in Wi-Fi and the only color option was piano black. The original 20 and 60GB PS3s were the first and last fully backward compatible systems. All future systems that Sony created would not be fully backward compatible. The 60 and 80GB versions released in 2007 had partial backward compatibility which was referred to as PS2 emulation. This meant that the hardware needed to play PS2 games was no longer present, so only some PS2 games would work. The first four versions of the PS3 had 4 USB ports and all versions produced after November of 2007 only had 2 ports. In 2009 Sony came out with the PS3 Slim with storage capacity options of 120GB and 250GB. The current models in production are the 160GB and 320GB. In 2010 Sony debuted the PlayStation Move. The Move is a game controller that is used in conjunction with a camera to track the player's movements.

PlayStation 2

Armor Technologies fixes your Playstation 2 in Geneva, ILThe PlayStation 2 came out in October of 2000 and was the best selling console of all time, having sold over 150 million systems as of January 31, 2011. In all, there were 18 different versions of the PS2 released. The main differences between the versions were the sizes. There were the original “fat” models and there was a smaller version, the Slimline, that was also released. One interesting fact about the PS2 is that games for it were still in production as recently as 2012. 


Armor Technologies services your PlayStation in Hampshire, ILSony’s first console to be released was the PlayStation or PS, which was released in 1994. In 2000 Sony created a redesigned, slimmer version that was referred to as the PSone. The last game released for the PS or PSone was released in 2004 and the last PSone systems were sold for Christmas 2004.


Armor Technologies fixes your PSP in Rochelle, ILThe PSP was Sony’s first handheld game console and was released in Japan in December of 2004 and in North America in March of 2005. The PSP is the only handheld console to use an optical disc format which is called the Universal Media Disc or UMD. Sony has created a few newer models of the PSP, the PSP Slim and Lite, and a completely remodeled PSP called the PSP Go.


Repair services we offer for Sony game consoles

PS3 Yellow Light of Death: $70.00/hour + cost of parts

Armor Technologies services the PS3 Yellow Light in Sycamore, ILA yellow light when you turn on your PS3 typically means that there was a "general hardware failure." The most common problem is that the GPU overheats and causes the links between the PCB and GPU to come unsoldered. The repair for the yellow light is called a reflow, and to fix this we need to use a lot of heat to re-solder the chip back into place. Whenever a chip operates at a very high temperature, and the cooling systems can’t keep up, it is just a matter of time before the board gets hot enough to cause parts on the circuit board to become unsoldered. If your system overheats once it is more likely to overheat again. Because this is so common, we will throw in a complimentary system reflow the second time your system overheats.

PS3 Blu-Ray Drive Repair: $70.00/hour + cost of parts

There are two common issues related to the PlayStation 3’s Blu-Ray drive: a problem with the laser or a daughterboard failure.

Laser Replacement: the PlayStation 3’s optical drive actually has two lasers; one for Blu-Ray discs and another for traditional DVDs and CDs. The two lasers cannot be repaired individually, so a full optical drive replacement is necessary even if only one of the lasers malfunctions.

Armor Technologies repairs your PlayStation 3 Bluray drive in Dekalb, ILDaughterboard Failure: the daughterboard contains the optical drives' firmware which is stored on flash memory. Because of security systems built into the PS3, you cannot swap daughterboards between consoles of different models. If you do replace a PS3's daughterboard with one from an incompatible console, or fail to properly re-link the new daughterboard to the main PCB, Sony may ban your console from online gameplay.

Firmware Flash: $70.00/hour + cost of parts

PS3s and PSPs can sometimes have problems with their firmware (operating system). If a system is powered down in the middle of updating, software rebuilding, formatting or physical damage, it can cause problems with the firmware. When the firmware needs to be replaced we will first back up the data (if it is accessible), wipe all data from the system, and then re-install a clean and fully updated version of the firmware.

PSP LCD Replacement: $70.00/hour + cost of parts

PSP screens are prone to cracking, having dead or stuck pixels and having part of the LCD screen turn black or jumbled. When we have diagnosed that an LCD screen needs replacement, we will open the system by removing the faceplate and back cover. Once the system is completely opened up we will carefully remove the damaged LCD screen and replace it with a new one.

These are the most common problems or issues related to Sony game consoles that we receive. If you experience a problem that you don't see listed here, please call or stop in and we will diagnose it for you!