Technically Creative


Armor Technologies was founded 12 years ago in the City of DeKalb as Snare Systems. A repair shop in its earliest days, Armor, under its former name Snare Systems, quickly began to expand the range of the services it offered. Armor has evolved over the years with amazing adaptability to become the multi-faceted operation that it is today.

Today Armor has fused creative talent with technical expertise. Armor has moved from simple repairs to offering dozens of I.T. services. Our development team can create dynamic and functional sites for your business. We take pains to make sure our sites conform to the strict requirements of Google’s search engine rankings and ensure that your site is mobile ready so that your customers can carry your business in their pocket wherever they go.

Now with the arrival of 3D printing, Armor has begun to take on print jobs for engineering prototypes, model design, card and literature holders. Constantly innovating, Armor has set its eyes what could be done with our 3D printers and not just what we have done.

Not to mention Armor still boasts the best repair shop in the DeKalb area and surrounding communities. Our team of technicians can repair any computer, tablet, and phone hardware from cracked screens to fried motherboards. If you have a software issue Armor can remove malware, install programs, and get your computer running as quickly as it did right out of the box.  

Cell phone, computer, and tablet repair, a wide range of general electronics repair, graphic design, focused topic articles, full 3D modeling, search engine optimization, professional photography, software development, and print advertisements: Armor has the creative minds and the technical skills drawing on the broad knowledge base of our staff to make your vision come to life. At Armor, we are technically creative.

Thursday September 15th, 2016#