The Word Press Myth


Word Press is an out of the box blogging Content Management System (CMS) that anyone can install into their website. There are thousands of sites that run on it. Does that mean it is something you should use? Does it add value to your company? Is it a cheap alternative to hiring a real web developer? The answers are all NO. Word Press’s flexible framework that can be downloaded from their website is bloated with code and runs a little slow, but it is free. However, the majority of people that install it for companies do not fully understand how to work with it. If they are good PHP developers they will use a custom version of it with all the code bloat removed and only the best-rated plugins modified to optimize the site. Now the Web Designer, that will use Word Press but does not know how to program PHP, will cost you more that the good PHP developer since your site will have issues.

There are custom CMS applications and other frameworks for websites out there that have been developed by great PHP developers such as Code Igniter, Concrete 5, and Armor Technologies' Search Engine Optimized CMS. Using a web development company with great programmers will always save you money by paying for quality work and custom design that adds resale value to your company. These designers and developers can also integrate complex tools and business intelligence functionality into modules that can run from your website. We at Armor Technologies integrate business intelligence, project management, search engine optimization, contact managing, image managing, and more into the web applications and sites that we design and build. Also we, as great PHP developers, can fix your Word Press system and add the functionality you need.

Tuesday October 18th, 2016#