Ubuntu, the next OS.


If you can not afford a MAC, and you are tired of fixing your windows system, then maybe it is time to try Ubuntu on your PC. Ubuntu is a Linux distributed Operating System (OS). An operating system is what makes your computer work. The core program of any computer, it is designed to run all your programs and manage all your hardware and software. Other examples of operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. How does Ubuntu compare with Windows? Ubuntu is faster, has built-in security, and thousands of free applications. It works with almost all existing hardware but does not always work with some Microsoft Software.

We currently use Ubuntu on several of our computers to do web development, data recovery, hardware testing, and the general office documents and surfing the internet. They also have a server edition that we use to run our Domain Name Servers. The systems are easy to work with and have all of the options and security we need, and they are free.

Ubuntu is a fork of the Debian projects codebase. The original aim of the Ubuntu team was to create an easy-to-use Linux desktop with new releases scheduled on a predictable six-month basis, resulting in a more frequently updated system. Ubuntu´s first release was on 20 October 2004. Since then, Canonical has released new versions of Ubuntu every six months with a commitment to support each release for eighteen months by providing security fixes, patches to critical bugs and minor updates to programs. It was decided that every fourth release, issued on a two-year basis, would receive long-term support. Now the OS is offered on several major computer manufacturers websites as installation options for their computers. If you would like to know more visit www.ubuntu.com!

Monday October 10th, 2016#