University City Barber Shop, DeKalb IL


Armor Technologies has had the privilege of creating a website and designing the branding for another great business. We have implemented a newer version of our Content Management System (CMS) on this site that is built around the current Search Engine Optimization practices.

In the design of this website, we have incorporated all of the key components of a classic barber shop and given it a clean and simple look. We used a sharp typography with the traditional colors of a barber shop, blue and red, and we also incorporated the barber pole into the logo. The logo itself has been simplified to the iconic, retro pole design with simple accents around the text.

On top of the sharp design, we have made sure that the coding for the site uses the current CSS3 Standards that were set by the W3 Consortium. We have implemented all of our search engine optimization techniques and continue to keep an eye on this site as it will be at the top of Google soon.

We have implemented another quality design for a quality company.

Saturday October 29th, 2016#