Want Protection from Viruses?


We have been recommending Avira anti-virus for years now. Avira has a good free-for-home-use version that can help protect you from the regular Trojans or Root-kit Viruses that try to get you to buy something to remove them. They also have an excellent subscription version that is only $29.95 a year! This year, in June of 2012, Avira was rated Number 1 in Consumer Reports as the best anti-virus software out there.

Avira is using their combination of algorithms for signature-based detection, heuristics, rootkit detection, and real-time protection to identify malicious files that can harm your computer. One great feature that Avira also has is a Social Shield to monitor your browser which allows you to do tasks such as monitor your children on Facebook. The monitoring service works 24/7 and regularly scans your children's accounts for suspicious content. Once something is found, the parent is informed via email and the exact content is sent to the parent.

No virus scan can prevent all viruses, especially some of the new ones. However, Avira has worked the best for us at Armor Technologies. If you would like your own license of Avira or would like to learn more about how to protect your computer, cell phone, or tablet from virus attacks then contact us for more information. If you already have a virus problem you can stop by the shop and we can help you out.

Monday October 24th, 2016#