We Can Recover I.T.


If you believe your hard drive is failing or you accidentally deleted data you need, turn your computer off and bring it to a professional. Continued use of the computer risks damage to the hard drive during failure or risks writing over the locations where your lost data may be. Here at Armor, we will inspect your hard drives, flash drives, and other removable media for data recovery. We can and will recover and rebuild data and transfer that to a new drive or disks.

We can backup your data, we can rebuild your raid array, we can fix the broken jack on your flash drive to get the data off, we can scan and recover data lost if your partition tree is damaged, we can recover your files when your operating system is corrupt, we can recover I.T.
Armor Technologies recommend that if you own a computer and you have data that you do not wish to lose, you should have a backup. Most people are surprised by the failure of their hard drive. However, the hard drive itself is the most complicated part of the computer. There is an electro-mechanical arm that reads data on a disk spinning at thousands of RPMs, which is thermally expanding and contracting inside the hard drive. Your hard drive will fail; it is only a matter of time and temperature. So back up all critical data periodically.

Saturday October 22nd, 2016#