We have refurbished laptops, desktops, and more!


We have awesome refurbished laptops. Dell, Alienware, Asus Republic of Gamers, HP and more!

Get yourself a nice refurbished laptop to get your work done. A refurbished laptop is less than half the price of a new one. If you lose or break a refurb you are only out the cost of that computer. If you lose or break a new one, you may be out more money. Here at Armor, we refurbish computers and give our customers a 30-day warranty on all of the computers we sell.

Why buy from us? Well, you can go to Ebay and get lucky with a good deal, or buy from a friend. However, you may find your product shows up with a few problems that were not listed. If you have problems with that laptop we can always fix that for you. It is good to get the system in your hands before you buy so that you may see what you are really buying. People buy from us because we have been in Downtown DeKalb for almost a decade helping our customers get the computer they need, fix their problems, and help them get new systems as well.

Armor also recommends that if you have a friend with a broken laptop, to bring it in for a quote. We may be able to refurb that computer for a good price that you can work with. Call an Armor Tech if you have any questions: 815-754-0505.

Wednesday November 2nd, 2016#