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David Galica - CEO/Innovator

With all the changes in technology, custom software is becoming affordable for any business. Using web application software is not just for websites.   We can create an online time clock for your employees, inventory tracking systems, and more.  Even the thermostats in homes are incorporating smart technology that implements a website to control your house's temperature.  Now in business the largest driving system for any company is the one that controls and increases sales; That is the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Software helps you level the playing field. Your customers have options, and every resource to explore them. What sets your business apart, and allows you to build a loyal customer base?  You realize that automating social media and trawling your client data for focused email campaign management results in excellent customer service. Businesses are recognizing that CRM software can help leverage a new efficiency in creating a customer experience that builds brand trademark and keeps customers buying.  Often referred to as "on-demand" software, CRM software is delivered via the Internet and does not require installation on your computer; instead, you'll generally access the software via your web browser.

CRM helps you connect with your customers. CRM is the future of customer-centric sales and marketing which is reinventing the customer relationship and creating a real-time landscape for enterprises of all sizes to connect with existing and future customers – leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more.  CRM solutions help businesses manage their customer and business relationships by providing one central location for gathering information, automation of the manual business process, and communication with prospective and current clients in a timely fashion.

By 2016, two-thirds of the workforce will own a smartphone, and 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile. The demand for mobile working is increasing and mobile CRM is now becoming a necessity for many small and medium-sized companies. CRM solutions give businesses access to crucial customer information in real-time, on any device regardless of their location. Sales and customer service teams can view and update contacts, opportunities, leads and cases when on the road or at customer sites – helping today’s mobile workforce to be more productive and customer supportive.

CRM helps you analyze, process, and utilize new leads. With a centralized location to collect and create personalized campaigns and analyze results, CRM equips businesses with the tools needed to generate more qualified leads. What does this mean for your business? The increased business productivity from stronger sales thanks to leveraging CRM as a communication tool – driving lead tracking and business growth.

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Monday September 5th, 2016#