What is an Armor Tech?


So what is an Armor Tech? An Armor Tech is a technician that is always in training on current technology and is required to have a certain set of skills.  The list of skills is based on Problem Solving, Work Ethic, Customer Service, and Loyalty.  From those, we train Hardware and Software Trouble Shooting, Data Recovery, Soldering, Levels of Programming, Ohms Law and Electronics, Series / Parallel Circuits, and more.  We then review products that fit our clients and have our recommendations for their needs at the right price point.  Then an Armor Tech continues with certifications such as Microsoft Professional, A+, and a wide range of I.T. base training certifications.

But what makes an Armor Tech better than any other I.T. person?  We work diligently in the Open Source area.  We have solutions for Repair Methods, Network Maintenance, Security Systems, Phone Systems, Firewalls, Websites, Internet Marketing, Training, Human Resources, Content Filtration, Ticket Systems, and a number of alternative customized solutions at affordable prices for small business.  Working with the Open Source Market gives an Armor Tech a better background of how things work.  This increases our understanding of how I.T. works.  

Besides fixing and upgrading computers, we sell brand new computers with warranties.  We also get the opportunity to customize systems as well.  So if you wanted Windows 7 instead of 8, we can do that.  You want more RAM, a better Video Card, Operating System cloned to a bigger Hard Drive; we do I.T.  A good example is this i5 dual monitor setup we did for a client of ours. The little red box is the entire computer with 8GB of RAM, WLAN, Wifi and Bluetooth, Windows 8 Pro, and 500GB Hard Drive.  We are installing 5 of them.  If you would like to know more about us give us a call at 815.754.0505.  We have been located in downtown DeKalb for 11 years, 4 years in Rochelle, and now our doors are open in Geneva.

Tuesday September 6th, 2016#