Whats not to love about the new iPhone 5?


What's not to love about the new iPhone 5? For those of you who have been awaiting its launch be not afraid for it is out! Some of the new and outstanding features about this new device include a larger 4-inch Retina display, an 8MP rear camera that is able to record HD video at 1080P at a constant 30FPS!, and last but certainly not least Apple's new A6 chip. I per-ordered my 64GB iPhone three weeks ago once I heard that Apple was accepting pre-orders but little did I know I would not receive mine until about a week after its launch. It was reported and still is that Apple has been experiencing manufacturing delays for their new flagship phone, most of this can be blamed on Apple's new in cell touch displays that are almost half as thin as the previous LCD/digitizer assembly used in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The magic behind this new technology incorporates integrating the touch technology into the LCD itself! With this type of setup, you can experience a crystal clear image as well as a thinner design. Enough about the display, let's talk about Apple's new A6 chip! As a huge fan of mobile processors, I have to say that Apple really did a number on this new piece of hardware, the A6 chip is made up of multiple cores two of which are completely reserved for primary processing while the final three are specifically allocated to graphic rendering (graphics.)The A6 chip is clocked in at almost 1.3 GHz and is running in parallel with 1GB of DDR2 533 MHz of RAM. All of this to provide you with an amazing experience in not just texting! but GAMING as well! For all you energy saving junkies out there, fear not the A6 actually draws significantly less power than its older sister the A5 and topped with that comes better battery life. The iPhone 4Sfeatured a 3.7V 5.3Whr battery while the iPhone 5 features a 3.8V 5.45Whr battery and while it might not seem like much of a difference then it ultimately comes down to how much power the CPU, LCD, or any other electrical component is drawing. Thankfully, though, iOS 6 offers us much in terms of energy efficiency and proves itself better and more refine than any other iOS firmware to date.

Sunday October 30th, 2016#