Windows Rot


During the normal lifespan of a computer you can expect to install, then probably uninstall, dozens of programs, hundreds of Windows updates, and who knows how many registry edits. After all of this is done your computer is significantly different from when it was fresh out of the box. All of these changes affect the formula of how Microsoft intended Windows to operate, and often not for the better. This process is called Windows rot, which is simply the process of a Windows computer slowing down over time due to everyday use and change. The perceivable difference for you, the user, is longer boot and load times, slower responses, and annoying difficulties with everyday tasks.

Really the best way to deal with Windows rot is to do a data backup and OS reinstall. This wipes the slate clean and allows the user to start fresh. Often with pre-built computers such as Dell, HP, or Lenovo, a five-year-old computer with a fresh installation of Windows, performed by Snare Systems, will be faster than when the owner first brought it home from the store. The reason for this is that software companies pay PC manufacturers to install trial versions of their products in the hopes that some of those users will purchase the full software suite after the trial period has ended. The problem with this is that most often this software is junk from square one and that even after the trial period of 30 days is over the software continues to startup when the computer starts, causing lag and increased boot times. With a new OS install our technicians don´t include any trial or superfluous software, only what is needed and what our clients will use.

A fresh installation of Windows is not always needed, however. Sometimes a System Optimization will do, whereby the computer is thoroughly gone through for spyware, applications that do not need to start, registry errors to fix, and junk data. With an Armor Technologies Optimization, we eliminate the problem programs and disable others on startup which are not necessary. The customer will benefit from a system optimization because it prevents you from having to reinstall all of your applications.

So, if you can make a cup of coffee, feed the kids, and watch the Harry Potter series all before your computer makes it to the desktop, then it´s probably time for a System Optimization or reinstall. But don´t worry, Armor´s techs have literally done thousands of installs and System Ops and we´re only getting better at it!

Wednesday October 12th, 2016#